Mar 22, 2012

I don't know why I have waited just to say..

Ever since that day.. I thought I'd be happy.. but I have my doubt..
I really wish to be happy, I really do..
but how can I? when things are just not gonna be the same anymore..

Each day, I tried to pretend that I'm okay with it..
trying to laugh out whenever I have the chance..
but deep down.. I just knew, I'm scared of changes..

And now.. when there's no reason for me to laugh anymore..
I think I'm breaking apart.. am I? as if I'm loosing something?
I wonder why..

Should I ask "WHY?"
because I don't get it..
seriously, I'm asking..
this is just not my game.. no fun anymore.. and I'm not gonna play along..

but I will just pretending my existence in your game..
cuz I wish to see how far can you go..
I'll support you whenever I can.. and close my eyes when you turn on me..

p/s : I need to make a big escape~ somewhere far away.. just anywhere but here!!

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